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Sogepierre stones' manufacturer Burgundy since 1875

Burgundy limestone has been traditionally quarried in our area for quite a long time. Our quarries and factories originally started their operation in 1875. Obviously, in those times, the stone work was handcrafted and equipment used was nothing to compare to the one available nowadays nor the present productivity resulting. During all those years, quarries and processing plants grew independently more or less successfully according to the various owners succeeding. Some associations or grouping were made and got unmade according to the economic life of the industry.

Thanks to two dynamic corporate buyers in the stone business for 35 years, Edmond Lefebvre & William Hainaux, the group SN SOGEPIERRE SAS was created in November 2013 including five own quarries of Burgundy limestone (MAGNY, BEAUVAL, AMPILLY, ROCHEVAL & CORTON) and two factories close to each other located in Nod-sur-Seine and Chamesson. The logical configuration of that operation is efficient for the activity making possible the production of a huge range of products from the best quarries in the region either proprietary or in partnership. Slabs, various flooring tiles, patterns, wall cladding, stair cases, solid surrounds, walking paths, solid pieces, etc…are being produced through a high level of quality control process. Our range of material goes from light clear tones to yellow/dark colors. Some do have also a warm honey or tobacco color. All those stones are available in various finished such as honed, sawn, brushed, bushammered, antiqued. Our sales team spread inn our different showrooms is available to give you all technical advises and more generally to help you to make the right decision in your project involving natural French limestone.

We are at you full disposal to answer to all your limestone needs from a simple window sill or door threshold up to a complete wall cladding of a skyscraper including the flooring of a modern villa or a rustic country house.               

The taking over the company « LES PIERRES BOURGUIGNONNES »

The SOGEPIERRE’s owners, William Hainaux & Edmond Lefebvre, took over the company « LES PIERRES BOURGUIGNONNES » with the support of  « Bpifrance », « Credit Agricole Regions Investissement » & « Invest PME »
The SOGEPIERRE group, located in Chamesson (70 km north of Dijon) quarries, transforms and sells natural ornemental limestone from Burgundy. Well known in the industry nation wide and internationally, the group has five self owned quarries plus two factories and employs 60 people. The group is presenting 14 references of natural high end ornemental limestone for the B to B aswell as B to C markets.
It’s annual turn over is 6.3 M€ among which 55% is being exported out of France.




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