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Another very handsome limestone, light beige to honey in tone with a very natural character and some veining. An authentic looking product ideal for interior or exterior residential flooring. This is a beautiful bourguignon limestone with a special ...

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A classic, aristocratic stone. Light to mid-honey beige, with a unique speckled grain. The majestic ochre-brown veins are produced by iron oxide, and create true mineral landscapes. This is a perfect stone for residential flooring, fireplaces and fa...

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Buxy is a very tough stone; suitable for a big trafic. This is a limestone with thin grain and little crystal of calcite. The color of Buxy is very variable: grey, beige, ochre, yellow and sometimes with violet veins. This stone can be flamme to get ...

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Another beaut i ful pale beige Bur gundy l ime s t one , wi th a medium grain and even texture. Available in large sized units for special applications. This is an ideal material for façade cladding, residential flooring and carving. CUSTOMER...

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A handsome, high density stone that is highly decorative – with pink vein inclusions within a mid-beige rock matrix. This striking effect gives Ladoix stone its strong personality. For flooring, cladding or other purposes – a sto...

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This “Corton” is a very delicate beige, featuring shades of cloudier grey-ochre. Maximum elegance is ensured in the smooth finish, displaying all the tones of its varied palette and natural veining to best effect. The antique finish reve...

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This beige-gold, evenly grained, subt l y tex tured s tone, sawn parallel to the bed, is definitely a classic. With a regular grain it has a style of its own, accentuated by the finish selected. An attractive stone for façades and residential ...

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Rocheval is a unique, extremely hardwearing limestone with a remarkable patina – time only adds to its natural beauty. The beige-brown colour, enriched here and there with fossils, makes it an especially successful product when treated with an ...

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Val de Nod

This Burgundy limestone is an or iginal – a handsome beige freely ribboned with dark brown, with a very natural character. For residential paving/flooring and walling, which best reveal its rippling veined texture, this product is perfect. A ...

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